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Thank you for visiting my website. If you are interested in Piano Lessons or you are looking for my Music CDs and/or Accompaniments, please choose from the links here or in the Menu Bar to find the information you need. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

If you are looking for my daughter Laura’s website, you will find it here: Laura Williams Music.

The four branches of my work are:

    • Teaching piano in Colville, WA at the Music Store on Main Street.
    • Arranging and recording music accompaniments for those singers who request them and offering for sale those that are available in my online Store.
    • Providing peaceful, inspirational music CDs for relaxed listening. The CDs are available in my online Store.
    • Teaching online at Udemy.com. Be sure to check out my Beginning Music Theory Course and Intermediate Music Theory Course.

Have a wonderful, music filled day and I hope to hear from you soon!

Never Part Again

This CD is a collection of songs about the second coming of Christ and about the preparation of His saints to meet Him in glory.

Piano Hymns, Vol. 1

This CD is a collection of piano arrangements of some of the most favorite Christian hymns. The arrangements are designed to bring you peace and an attitude of reverence towards God.

Piano Hymns, Vol. 2

This CD is a second collection of piano arrangements of hymns with the same peaceful and reverend quality.

Scripture Reflections, Vol. 1

This CD is made up of scripture songs composed and performed by Mihaela. Each song starts with the verses recited at the beginning. The Bible verses chosen (from King James version) are some of the most precious promises that we have in Scripture for this time in history. The music itself describes the thought of the verses and enhances their meaning.

Scripture Reflections, Vol. 2

This CD continues the style of volume 1. My heartfelt desire and prayer in composing these songs to the words of Scripture is that the Word of God and the music combined will bring you comfort, encouragement and peace as you prepare, day by day, to meet our Lord when He comes in the clouds of heaven.

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