Tuition & Information

Piano Lessons are provided at the House of Music in Colville, WA.

Tuition should be paid in advance at the first lesson of each month.

House of Music - Location

  • If the teacher is unable to have a lesson (i.e. vacation, sickness, etc.) the student will be notified and the lessons will be rescheduled or credited to the next month.
  • In case the parent or student desires to terminate the lessons, the teacher requests that the student will continue lessons until the end of the paid period. Early termination will not receive a refund.
  • The basic format of the lessons will be: finger exercises according to student’s level (scales, Hanon, etc.), repertoire music (lessons book songs, performance book songs, classical music – for more advanced students, hymns or arrangements of hymns – for those interested), theory and ear training.
  • The students will perform in two recitals per year: one in December and the second in May. There may be a small fee that each family is asked to pay to help with the hall rental fee.
  • Every student is expected to attend and be on time for every lesson or recital and should be picked up promptly after each class. Please note that there will be no extra time given if a student is late.
  • The parent agrees to provide a piano for his/her child, which will be tuned at least once per year. It is crucial for the development of the ear to have a tuned piano. Full size keyboards are OK, but they need to have at least the damper pedal and have the touch of a piano.
  • Parents are welcome to sit in on the class and are encouraged to observe their child’s practice time at home. Please check to be sure that your child is completing all of their assignments in their notebook.
  • Student agrees to practice 30 – 60 minutes per day (depending on the age) and at least five days a week.

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