On my Online Store you will find many accompaniments that I have arranged, available for purchase and download in MP3 format.

You may use these accompaniments to accompany yourself or for congregational singing. You do not have permission to duplicate or share this file with others, or to resell it. You may also use the accompaniments for your own personal CD project, which can then be sold by you after purchasing a mechanical license from Mihaela Williams Music.

You may download the mechanical license form in pdf format by clicking here. A fee of $0.091 per song per CD will be required for this purpose. All accompaniments are copyrighted © 2013-2024 by Mihaela Williams Music. All rights are reserved. Thank you for your honesty and support.

For those that need a custom accompaniment, I record accompaniments for singers and orchestrate if necessary. Usually, christian singers have a hard time finding accompaniments for their songs that do not have a beat and so, I record for them accompaniments that they can sing with, without any beat. I prefer to have a music sheet to go by; it is the quickest and cheapest.

I work with musicians all over the country. They send me their music sheet with all the information I need and I send them back a WeTransfer link by email to download a high quality WAV file for each accompaniment.

I have a classical training, so my music (if I have to improvise) has a more classical style rather than contemporary.

My price is $30.00 per hour for custom accompaniments.

A piano accompaniment can take me from 1/2 hour to an hour, depending of how hard the accompaniment is and how much time I need to learn it. Orchestrating a song, having the sheet music, requires more time, anywhere from an hour to two hours per song. So, it depends of how complicated an accompaniment is and how much orchestration you want.

Besides recording an accompaniment, I can assist you with writing and printing an accompaniment or a song, arranging a song for singing parts, or transposing a song (if I have the sheet music).

If you have more questions, feel free to call me at: 509-690-2415.

You can go to my Online Store to purchase any of my Accompaniments and/or Sheet Music.