“Dear Mihaela,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your teaching of my children. Though we have not been able to afford lessons for a couple of years, we appreciate how patient you were with each of them, instilling in them a love of beautiful music rather than merely assigning them pages in a book which they should be expected to perform properly.  Somehow you were able to inspire in them a desire to do their best so that the work was never a drudgery and their progress was rapid. Even now, I have the pleasure of hearing them practice the piano nearly every day without my prompting!”

D. A.


“We are very pleased with the progress our son has made under your tutelage. I’ve enjoyed sitting in his class, learning more about music. We appreciate teaching him how to distinguish between good and bad music.”

With much appreciation,
Parents of J. M.

“Dear Mrs. Williams,

Thank you for giving us the music lessons with so much patience and devotion. We appreciate your ability to bring out a musician in each one of us. May God bless you and your family in a very special way. We love you.”

T. Family


“Dear Mrs. Williams,

Thank you very much for teaching me. I will miss you being my teacher very much. It has meant a lot to me.”

With lots of thanks,
your student S. M.

“Dear Mihaela,

I’m so sad to switch the children’s piano teacher at this point due to moving. S… really loved you as her piano teacher. I hope that the basics, for Christian pianists, that you taught her will stay with her for the rest of her life. Thank you so much for your patience and encouragement for J… As you saw, he really looked forward to his lessons each week. May God bless you richly.”

R. M.


“I took piano lessons from Mrs. Williams for a few years. She was always a very patient and pleasant teacher. She would work measure by measure with me to ensure that I had a near perfect understanding of each piece before moving on. The things that set Mihaela apart from all other teachers is that she has a keen attention to detail and a true passion for music. Not only did she want me to play the notes correctly; she wanted me to “feel” the music. With her vast knowledge of musical history, she would explain to me how a piece of music was intended to be played for the specific time period during which it was composed. Due to her diligence as an instructor, I was able to skip the levels four and five lessons, performance, and theory Piano Adventures books and move directly into original classical music.”


Hi Mrs. Williams! The reason that I am writing is to thank you for all of your work when you were teaching me piano and voice. Taking lessons with you opened up a whole new ministry for me that I might not have otherwise had the opportunity to have. Even after we moved from Washington, I used the accompaniment recordings that you made over and over and over again. You can now say that you have played the piano Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, and even Poland and Czech Republic! I just wanted to send this note of encouragement and see how you have been doing. Now that I’m a teacher both of music and English, I know that sometimes teachers wonder what the end results of their efforts will be. And even though the story hasn’t finished, and Jesus hasn’t come, your ministry has already touched hundreds of people just through one student.

L. W.

“Mihaela Williams taught traditional piano to all ages at North Valley Music School from August 2002 to June of  2005. I always found her to be very dependable, always arriving on time and prepared to teach. In looking back through student and staff evaluations, Mihaela rated 80 to 100% of excellent in all categories. She is an experienced and dedicated teacher. I would give her the highest possible recommendation.”


J. F. – North Valley Music School Office Menager